1047Lighting-By Vargov Design
1047Lighting-By Vargov Design
1047Lighting-By Vargov Design

Yephall Lighting

1047Lighting-By Vargov Design

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There is No Standard Size or Standard Price for these compositions, each composition is quoted based on the size and design at customers request,please inquiry with detail requirements.

These bespoke lighting compostions are Designed by Vargov Design and crafted by YEPHALL lighting. Please inquiry with details to : Email: andy@yephall.com Whatsapp or Wechat:(+86)15989289292

BRAND:YEPHALL& Vargov Design

SIZE: Customize Available

MATERIAL: CustomizeAvailable

COLOUR VARIATIONS:CustomizeAvailable



The lead time depend on the Project details. General speaking, the manufactural time is about 60-90 workdays.


For worldwide shipping,please contact and discuss with our team.

ABOUT DESIGN:In general, If you select from our designs,do resonable adjustment,we will not charge fee; if need to do design from scratch,we need to charge design fee accordingly.

1047Lighting-By Vargov Design